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The New Millersport Police Patch

Our new 2007 patch, designed by Former Chief R. Lewis, has many representations.  An explanation of each is as follows: 

Founded in 1827”  The community of Millersport, Ohio was founded in 1827 by Mathias Miller as a port of trade on the Ohio-Erie Canal. In the waning days of another nearby canal-town called Monticello, Mathias brought his family along with some new other settlers only about a mile to the present location where Millersport continues to prosper today. Monticello has disappeared completely but combined with the sovereignty of God, the perseverance through the decades, and creative initiative of its residents, Millersport has done more than survived, it has flourished.

The Flag of the United States of America” The American flagis more than simply a colorful symbol of our nation. It represents dedication to the cause of freedom and liberty, the sacrifices of men and women who fought and died for our right to display it proudly.   It represents the enduring values our nation was founded upon. The red and white stripes and the blue field of white stars each represent a part of our American heritage.

The Great Blue Heron” Not one of our 50 states claims the great blue heron as its official bird. Regally-plumed, strikingly colored and standing four feet high, it is among the most noticeable and ubiquitous wading bird of Millersport’s shorelines and canals.  The great blue heron represents an extraordinary degree of evolutionary fitness. Fossil records indicate the great blues of long ago are virtually identical to the great blues of today.  Even within a family noted for adaptability, the great blue is remarkable.  Such a supreme opportunist, the great blue heron seems to have few problems coping with the 21st century.  Fishing motionless and upright on our canals and shorelines, their great wings reflecting on the surface, frame the merge of sky and water in a perfect parenthetical expression.

The Purple Anchor”  This anchor was dedicated to the Millersport High School in 1976 by the United Stated Navy.  This anchor weighing thousands of pounds was brought to Millersport by truck from the United Stated Navy Yard in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  It is a tribute to Mr. Ed Brookover and his close-knit community spirit that resonates throughout Millersport.

Buckeye Lake” Represents the importance of water to our community from utilities to leisure activities.  Thousands of residents and visitors frequent Buckeye Lake for swimming, boating, hunting, fishing and other activities made possible by the lake.  The winter lake activities include ice skating, motorcycle ice racing and ice fishing.  Early in the development of Millersport, the Deep Cut Canal supplied a vital pathway for Millersport and other developing communities along the Ohio Canal system and allowed them to flourish.